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People marvel at the Touring Professional’s golf swing, it is flowing, looks effortless and is powerful. By defining the best way to swing the golf club using the laws of physics, you too can have an effortless and effective swing that is powerful and accurate. When asked, most people agree that they would like to "let the club do the work". However, most don't know what this means, it's making use of centrifugal force that is created in the swing. "Let the club do the work" really means letting centrifugal force control your golf club, instead of you wrestling with and "over-controlling" the club, hindering optimal speed and force. By the laws of physics, there is a technique that allows for centrifugal force to generate an effortless, yet powerful swing that allows you to hit long, straight shots to the target.

I will help you identify what this swing feels and looks like. I use state-of-the-art equipment to help you find the feel of this swing. I use computer programs (V1 Golf) along with constant video to monitor and show you what you are doing. Your "distance muscles" are strengthened in the process, aimed at helping you develop a specific feel.

There is a golf swing method that is:
  • Simple
  • Easy to perform and repeatable
  • Learned quickly by anyone
  • Easy on the body
  • Easily adjustable for physical limitations
  • Trainable and Maintainable
  • Understandable
  • Efficient providing Effortless power
  • Able to be used for any shot, any club
My Methodology:
  • Works for any level golfer - beginner to tour player
  • Effectively practice/train anywhere
  • Receive everything you need to learn and implement a swing:
  • Knowledge
  • Feedback
  • Problem Solving
  • Understand the swing like you've always wanted
  • Successfully implement your new swing in a training program
  • Memorize the swing as an automatic motor skill

I will help you with proper motion and understanding needed to memorize this feel so it becomes an automatic motor skill. I use the equipment mentioned above to monitor every trial and repetition you do, to make sure you are always practicing or repeating the swing that will give you maximum consistency, accuracy and distance, to do practical "practice" wherever, whenever you want. This greatly speeds up the learning and memorization process. The only way to learn a motor skill is to keep doing correct repetitions until the mind and body "memorize" the movement.

I will teach you how to maintain this feel and swing for the rest of your life. I teach you maintenance techniques to insure you never loose the feel of the new maximally efficient swing you learn. I also help you learn the problem solving techniques you need, so that whenever you hit a bad shot, you can quickly determine what happened and correct by the next shot.

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