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My Philosophy

To play good golf requires you to train your body to swing well, but just as important, you must train your mind to make your body repeat that swing and to apply the swing to produce all the shots needed in golf. Moreover, if you can not think and analyze on the golf course and make sound club and shot selections and develop short game techniques, you’re never really going to play and score well, or nearly up to your potential. With good natural physical ability you can have a good swing, hit a majority of solid shots, and still not be breaking 80 or 85, or whatever your scoring limit seems to be. It is know that limit is mostly mental, NOT PHYSICAL! This applies regardless of athletic ability! I help you learn how to get the most from your physical swing and mental abilities. I require your personal commitment to apply yourself to these goals in order for you to achieve your best results! That's it, nothing less will suffice!

Along with good technical instruction in the mechanics of the golf swing. It is know as well, that to play great golf, even good golf, requires not only good swing mechanics at the outset, but exceptional mental understanding of the game with strong mental focusing and self control. The mental side of golf is fully 75% or more of the game on the course! Top players and tour pros know this. However, for some reason that doesn't seem to get communicated to students. Apparently, at least not very effectively.

It is well known that golf is probably the most difficult sport there is to master. The single greatest reason for that is playing well requires a deep level of thinking & analysis throughout a round! People who don’t believe that just don’t understand what it takes to really play well. Or they believe that would be too much work. It’s not, it’s just part of the game. A really big part! Great golf simply demands that you learn to apply your mind just like the golf swing! I want you to understand how to play golf, not just hit the ball!