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Mental Game

Why Is The Mental Game So Important?

Many players complain that they can perform satisfactorily when relaxed, but not when it counts. The reason for this phenomenon is that aside from the uneven or poor lies, and the such encountered during play, the outcome or score becomes important to the player and this can and does produce anxiety, fear of failure and social anxiety over how the player's performance is perceived by others. These fears trigger some of the fight or flight response within the individual. When this response is activated, adrenalin and other unwanted or inappropriate brain chemicals are secreted and this in turn changes the degree of arousal and increases muscle tension. This change alters the swing and eventually the shot itself. The secret to excellent play is to learn to manage one's emotional level by altering thinking and consciousness.

I focus on helping you tap the real secret of great golf; Your Mental Talents and application of on the course thinking and focusing. That is how great golf happens! If you are ready to play the kind of golf you always dreamed you could, and committed to applying yourself, then with my help this can be achieved.

Schedule your visit, and finally progress to the great golf you always knew you could enjoy!